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Akwete and her husband, Bandele, started the Pan-African Connection thirty two years ago as a vehicle to organize and educate African American People about the dignity, struggles, and forward movement of African People worldwide. For generations, the City of Dallas and the State of Texas have been actively whitewashing the history that is taught in schools; compounded over time, many people in the African American community have completely lost touch with their cultural roots.


The Pan African Connection is the last bastion for the survival of our identity in Dallas—it functions not only as a simple bookstore, but as a catalyst where black history, African culture, and individual & community growth are set ablaze and nurtured. After stumbling upon the bookstore, I saw the urgency in what we need to accomplish. An oppressed people cannot afford to be untethered, which is all too easy in today’s society. We need to come together and build intentional community now; otherwise, the struggles of our ancestors will be for nothing. 

With your help, we will take a step towards this goal and have the ability to tell the stories of those involved in the best way possible. Please visit our social @thepacdoc and follow for updates. Thank you!

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